Wetsuit Care

10 top tips to help your wetsuit live a little longer

  1. Hot water can ruin neoprene
    In hot water neoprene loses some of its flexibility. So if you like a nice warm shower, after a cold water session, (and who doesn't?), take off your wetsuit first.
  2. Sun and UV rays can prematurely age neoprene
    Do not leave your wetsuit in the sun! The sun is neoprene's worst enemy after sharks! Dry your wetsuit in the shade if you can. UV rays can cause the neoprene to age prematurely making it hard and destroying its flexibility.
  3. Places not good for a wetsuit
    Do not leave you wetsuit in the trunk of your car in a parking lot on a hot day or store it in your
    garage. Enjoy your wetsuit sushi style - raw not cooked.
  4. Dry your wetsuit inside out
    Dry your wetsuit inside out to maintain the outer flexibility. A dry wetsuit is nicer to crawl into as well.
  5. Store it well
    Store your wetsuit on flat surface or wide coat hanger. Do not crumple it up and shove it into the nearest drawer.
  6. Clean and dry your wetsuit quickly
    Do not leave you wet wetsuit to rot inside a bag after your swim, covered in brine and sand. Clean and dry it as soon as you can. Regular care can expand its life considerably.
  7. Don't allow your fingernails to touch the wetsuit
    Even short fingernails can quickly make a hole in a wetsuit, so make sure that you handle it with the pads of your fingers, as should anyone helping you. It is also not a good idea to wear your wetsuit with high heels!
  8. The messy dressing rule
    Putting on a damp wetsuit full of sand and mud is no way to get you in the mood for a fun swim. So when taking it off, try to stand on grass, flat rocks, the sidewalk, a telephone booth, your bag...anywhere but the middle of a muddy or sandy beach.
  9. My wetsuit smells funny
    Well stop peeing in it (as much). Urine can destroy the neoprene and after a while can leave the foulest of odors. Rinse your wetsuit well after use and perhaps use the bathroom before your swim.
  10. Treat your second skin like you treat your first
    Your wetsuit will last longer if you treat it like your own skin. keep it clean, out of the sun's rays, don't pierce it with anything and try not to let it get covered in pee.