Shoe Fitting

Every runner and athlete knows that a decent pair of running shoes are the most important part of your kit. Properly fitting shoes ensure that you get the most from your of your workout and avoid needless injuries and strains.

At Gear for Multisport, we have 20 years of combined experience in fitting runners and athletes with the perfect training shoes for them.

We take time to ask about your past history with shoes and injuries, and find out your goals and the distances you're running. We even want to know about the surfaces on which you will be using the shoes. We care because we know the importance of having the right shoe for your exercise regime.

Our Goal is to see people running more easily and running further than ever before. It brings us great joy to have so many success stories.

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Run more easily!
Run further and faster than ever before!
Become a Gear for Multisport success story!

To get the most from one of your Gear for Multisport shoe fitting come in dressed for a workout... from the knees down at least!

We also ask that you bring your current workout shoes. This can give us vital information about the type of runner you are and what sort of shoes you might need. Don't forget to bring your running socks too! That way we can get an exact fit!

You'll soon be enjoying the most comfortable footwear
you've ever owned!