What’s your Reason to Tri?!


While most of you have already done a triathlon, I believe it serves purpose to refresh our ideals & values as to why be swim, bike, & run; why we triathlon!

And if you haven't participated in a triathlon, I encourage you to read this article & take the jump into your new sport; you too will soon be hooked!

I would like to go through some of my own reasons why I personally do triathlon in hopes that it might also motivate you. Let me first admit that I am as guilty as anyone; getting caught up in how the race results shake out or how I placed in my age group or even overall. But that shouldn't be the reason why we compete. Too often, we lose sight of the reason why we compete & we begin to have the win at all costs mentality. How quickly we have lost focus on the real benefits of competing... like better health!

For this, I would like to go through these seven reasons to do a triathlon & what we hope to gain from it.

1. Our bodies adapt to the training. Tri training will get rid of the excess weight you are carrying around through your training. Your body will become more efficient & burn the fat for fuel; especially in these summer months in South Lake County. You will see this first hand if you stick to being active & put together consistent blocks of training.

2. Cross training is healthier. Coming from a running background, I quickly figured out late in my high school years that running every day beat me down. The three sports that make up triathlon are very different. With this, it is healthier than the same single sport every day. This type training distributes the stress more evenly to your bones and muscles and develops more balanced fitness.

3. Your mood will improve. Get out there and move & you will see! When you are active, the rest of your day just goes better. Kimberly & I have a rule for opening GFM each morning; whoever opens the store gets the hour before to workout. It just makes for a better day!

4. Your motivation to continue to exercise will increase. Whether you sign up for the next Thursday Lake Louisa Tri or come out to the Saturday parkrun, the event will keep you honest in your training. More times than not, boredom sets in if you don't have that carrot (the event) dangling in front of you. So sign up or commit to an event today.

5. It a true participant sport. Unlike golf or tennis, triathletes around Clermont rub shoulders with some of the best athletes in the world. When was the last time you went to a Clermont golf driving range & Jordan Spieth was hitting balls next to you? Never. Well in Clermont, we have the likes of Jarrod Shoemaker, Sarah Haskins, & Alicia Kaye training just like the rest of us; the best in the World. Pretty neat I think.

6. You will learn to strengthen your weaknesses. As you compete in triathlons more regularly, your weaknesses surface. It will become clear what you need to work on. Whether it be strengthening you core or your run speed off the bike, there is always something to work on in triathlon. There are so many aspects of the sport, everyday should have new objectives.

7. Camaraderie among your fellow triathletes. When you have training partners depending on you & actually completing the same workouts you are doing, you develop a bond with them. Sometimes that workout that seems impossible at first is a lot more manageable if you have a partner depending on you.

Those are my reason to continue to do the sport of triathlon. Whether you agree with some of them or all of them or even have your own reasons to tri, let’s remember the real reasons we compete.

Train hard & Race harder!

-Kevin Grogan

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