Get Ready for Summer!

As we all know, Clermont gets really hot and sticky in the summer; there is no discussion about that. It’s coming and it will soon be here to stay for a few months! If you have ever tried to run the Clay trail or the Minneola path after 9 am in June, you know your miles and time are limited.

It is just a fact that your long run has to be started before the sun comes up. And if you’re like me, the treadmill just doesn’t do it. With this, here are some tips to maintaining your run outside in the scorching summer months in Central Florida.

1. Wake up early!

As I mentioned above, the first thing to do is get up early & get out the door. Even if it means waking up at 4am, getting your longer miles in at this crazy hour, is sometimes the only way your body will cooperate. (Maybe later on in the morning, try to get in a 20minute power nap before work?)

2. Fuel up.

If you have been through GFM in the summer, you know all about eLoad. Eload endurance formula gives you optimal performance in the heat. Its perfect blend replaces the sodium and the potassium (the two most abundant electrolytes in sweat).

This means less chance of succumbing to heat stress. Mix up a couple bottles of the magic formula and stash them along your running route. The eLoad ratios are simply perfect for our summer sufferfest.

3. Replace them salts.

You know GFM always has a nice selection of salt pills in the summer. Starting the night before and the morning of, take a couple to top off your levels before the run. Better to start ahead of the game than behind. Depending on the length of the run, I would say to try to take one or two every half hour in the Florida heat.

4. Take cover.

My favorite place to run in the summer is what I call the Minneola canopy. Although it is only a mile long, the section of the path next to Minneola Trailhead park offers some serious relief out of the sun. You will find me running this section over and over if I am forced to run in the heat. Scout out some options like this for your next sunny run.

5. Adapt slowly.

It takes about two weeks for your body to adapt to the heat and cool itself more efficiently. Realize this. Slow your pace and reduce intensity and get the run in rather than pushing through it. Doing so will allow you to more efficiently acclimate and continue to run. Your body will gradually become better at cooling itself in the warmer weather allowing you to continue to run at your normal pace.

Summer can be a fine time to run but be safe out there. Don’t let the heat and humidity play havoc on your sport. With the proper preparation you can still maintain fitness and stay ahead of the game. Stay cool & see you out there on the trails.

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